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Life's a Beach

There's a school of thought out there (one we fully subscribe to) that most of life's problems appear a whole lot easier to solve when one is firmly entrenched on golden sands with a tropical drink in hand. The sea air, the crashing surf, and that unique smell of coconut tanning lotion, it's all part of that luxury beach resort dream that inhabits a sunny part of our minds, just waiting to come out.

This part of our minds should really be allowed out more often, and with our selection of hand-picked luxury beach resorts just waiting to be explored, perhaps it's time you answered the Caribbean's call? Or, took that long-dreamed of trek to a full-moon party on a Thai beach?

There's no reason to call a halt there, either. What about California's surf-friendly beaches? The marvellous Maldives, la Côte d 'Azur or Australia's Gold Coast? There are a host of options the world over just waiting for you to show up and kick a little white sand.